Q&A Session with Author Viviana Mackade

Viviana Mackade was born in Italy, moved to the UK in 2007, and then to the US in 2012. She jokes that she and her husband unified Italy – she’s from the north and he’s from the south – and then went and had an American kid! She’s been a law scholar, Italian teacher, and now a novelist, writing fast-paced, gutsy romance.

Could you share your background as an author?

vivianaWell, there wasn’t one thing that got me into writing. I’ve always done it, one way or another. If I have to pinpoint a moment when things changed, though, I’d say it was 2010.

We were living in England then, in Norwich, and my scientist husband was called to Manchester for a new procedure he had to explain to someone there. I found myself alone, with no classes to teach (I was an Italian teacher then) because it was Halloween and people took the week off, and was freezing cold outside. So one evening I just opened a new Word file and started writing. I started from there and many manuals, crappy stories, and headaches after, I can tell that my genre is romantic suspense–I can’t seem to plot a story without someone getting killed, injured, or in life threatening situations. My first story, Guns for Angels, is a romantic suspense all around, and the novella that’s going to be out in January has a lot of danger hovering, too. I’m now working on an honest-to-heavens treasure hunt that’s driving me insane, but I love.

What do you use your mailing list for?

vivianaI love having a mailing list. There’s many degrees of intimacy with the readers. With Twitter and a FB profile, it’s like the market square on a Saturday morning. A FB Page is, “Hey, let’s go have a pizza and a glass of good wine” with a group of friends.

And the mailing list is, “Come by to my place, we’ll have a cup of coffee and talk books”. I love it!

Do you have any advice for aspiring or new authors?

vivianaI love having a mailing list, and I say go for it! As soon as you can! For the marketing in general, swallow your pride and keep your ears and eyes wide open to the teaching of more experienced authors. We are writers, so generally speaking we belong to the artistic side of humanity.

But we do have to learn how to become, even for a few moments a day, business-people. No better way to do it than learning from who’s done it and succeeded.

Thanks to Viviana for her time. You can check out her website here, and her book Guns For Angels here.

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Q&A Session with Author Viviana Mackade
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