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Here’s how our referral program works

1. ¬†A fellow author uses your unique referral link to sign up for Publishing Spark’s free month trial.

2. When the free trial ends and they make their first payment, we’ll credit your account with two free months within 48 hours and let you know by email.

That’s it.

You can refer as many authors as you like and they don’t have to choose the same subscription plan as you.

How to get started

You use the unique referral link we’ve associated with your account to tell people about Publishing Spark.

Free Author Email Marketing :)

Once you’re logged in, you’ll see Get Two Months’ Free in the left-hand menu. Clicking that will display a link containing your unique ID used to credit you as the referrer.

When people you refer with that link visit Publishing Spark for the first time, you’ll be logged as the referrer and you’ll be¬†credited if they sign up at any time in the next 90 days.

The small print

If someone you refer using your unique link is later referred by another Publishing Spark user with their unique link, only the later referral counts.

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