Are You Ready For NaNoWriMo – And Beyond?

We’re coming up to the annual National Novel Writing Month, and if you’re up for the 50,000 word challenge, you can get a headstart with these scheduling and prepping tools:

Save yourself time after the event by making sure your story is workable. Here are some plotting resources to keep you on track:

“How do I get my book published?” is the question Jane Friedman hears most often from new writers. Here’s her recently updated (and very comprehensive) guide to traditional publishing. There are also links to the self-publishing route:

If you’re having a bad week, let Kristen Lamb pick you up with her motivating blog post:

Three reasons your writing career is stuck

Most successful writers say they wish they’d started their mailing list years ago. With a mailing list you can enjoy a personal relationship with your readers, without having to fight for attention on Facebook or Twitter. But make sure you avoid these rookie mistakes:

Co-founder of Publishing Spark.

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Are You Ready For NaNoWriMo – And Beyond?

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