Q&A Session with Author Roe Valentine

Author Roe Valentine wrote her first contemporary romance novel when she was nineteen years old, and kept pursuing the dream until she landed her first publishing contract in 2013. She writes spicy contemporary, historical, and erotic romance novels. Her most recent is Playboy Assistant, in the Society Playboy series.

Could you share your background as an author?

roeI started writing as an eight year old with a wild imagination. But I didn’t get my introduction to romance novels until I was a teenager. At 19, I wrote my first romance novel. But, it wasn’t until many, many years later in 2013 that I got my first publishing contract for Almost Married/Left To Forever (no longer available), a contemporary romance. I also got a contract for a historical romance that same year.

I think I’m best known for my 1920s romances, Love Easy and Love Hard. I’m currently working on the other books in my Society Playboys series published with Evernight Publishing. I intend to continue to write historical, contemporary, and dark erotic romances.

What do you use your mailing list for?

roeI’m looking away in shame. I don’t have a mailing list at the moment. I just figured out how to update my website!

Baby steps…



Do you have any advice for aspiring or new authors?

roeThere will always be trends. I was at a writing retreat recently and found out Amish romances are very trendy at the moment. I also have seen so many office romances lately, which are one of my favorites! Hello, PLAYBOY ASSISTANT anyone? Lol.

I always say just write what moves you. Trends cycle, but good writing is always in style. As for mailings list and marketing, I’m not sure. I can assume, even with traditional publishers, you have to be able to pay for your own promotion. And I know it’s tough to stand out in a crowded market. Be active on your social media; build relationships with other authors and readers. I think word of mouth still goes a long way.

And, more than anything, write because you love it.

Thanks to Roe for her time! You can find out more about her by visiting her Goodreads page or her Facebook page.

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Q&A Session with Author Roe Valentine

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