With Publishing Spark, setting up your mailing list is almost fully automated. Here’s how you can do it in 15 minutes or less.

1. Creating Your Mailing List (2 minutes)

On your first ever login, you’re taken to the list page to complete a few basic details: your list name, the email address readers can reply to and your address. (This is required by anti-spam legislation, but you can use a mailbox if you’re uncomfortable using your street address).

2. Getting New Subscribers (10 minutes)

There are two main steps here:

1. Adding subscribers from your website, blog or social network
2. Personalizing the confirmation messages that are sent to new subscribers (optional)

You can do both of these from the Mailing Lists option on the main menu.
mailing lists option

Adding subscribers

There are three ways to add subscribers to your mailing list.

Add subscribers from your website or blog: You can either use the default sign-up form, or customize it. Then just copy and paste the code onto your website or blog.

Add subscribers from Facebook, Twitter or your books: You can use the provided link in any post or update on FB or Twitter.

Add subscribers manually: Use this to manually add a list of email addresses.

Personalizing the confirmation messages (Optional)

To complete the subscription process, we need to send new subscribers a confirmation link. If you like, you can personalize these messages by going to: Mailing Lists > Confirmation Emails

first conf email

For example, if you’re offering new subscribers a free book, you can include the download link in your success message and (optional) welcome email.

3. Write and Send / Schedule Your Newsletter (3 minutes)

Click on “New Message” to get started.


In addition to all the usual email features, you can click on the Amazon logo to insert a thumbnail image of your book cover and a direct link to the product page.

You can also preview and test send your email to your inbox; then send straightaway or later.

Many more author-friendly features

Get the most out of your mailing list! Take a look at these time-saving features:

* Create and edit your own newsletter templates

* Include a series of automated emails for new subscribers

* View your stats and reports

* Create more than one list for different genres or pen names

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How To Set Up Your Author Mailing List In 15 Minutes

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