Q&A Session with Author Hannah Godard

Hannah takes inspiration from her friends to craft her stories. Quantum is her first novel and tells the tale of 19-year-old Clara, a raw CIA recruit, thrown into the biggest mission ever to hit the agency.

Could you share your background as an author?

hannahI got into writing when I was thirteen. I was inspired to start writing after my friend was bullied, and I thought that maybe I could use the very things that destroyed her to try to build her back up. My first novella, For The Beautiful People, is loosely based off her story and I think my words helped her.

After that I fell in love with telling stories and just kept writing. I really write all over the place, also. I write in action, as well as more of a school or present day regular life setting. I’ve also done a non fiction kind of memoir about my grandma and her struggle with Alzheimer’s and I’ve had an idea to start writing a couple other stories, but one of them is more in the romantic comedy side of things.

I’m still quite a new author and I only have two novels out so far, but I would say I’m most known for my first one, For The Beautiful People. Quantum is my newest and it’s written from the point of view of Clara, a nineteen-year-old girl who joins the CIA.

What do you use your mailing list for?

hannahI’m still a new author so I don’t have a mailing list yet, but I would really like to make one once I have enough people interested. I feel like because of my age people can relate to me and that’s kind of been the angle that I’ve been trying to work in terms of the future of my career.

I think mailing lists are a huge marketing tool and they let the author interact with their fans in more of a relaxed setting than a formal interview or bio on the back of their book.

Do you have any advice for aspiring or new authors?

hannahYou have to spend a lot of time working on your image and finding what sets you apart from everyone else. If you’re just starting out, marketing and creating a fan base is especially important. Just stick with it and make sure you put time into trying to get yourself out there. It’s going to be awkward and you’re going to have to send a lot of emails and you’re going to have to look past your ego for a little bit but eventually, if this is really your passion, your story will get out.

In terms of what will be the next big thing, I think dystopian societies will be out soon. They’ve been around for a while and I think with the young adult genre people want to read stories that are different because the same plot in a different setting is getting a tad over done. I could see another wizarding world novel coming out in the future but with all of the current events recently, I think people want to read about current struggles, not struggles from three hundred years in the future or in the past. The world we live in right now has a lot of potential for that. That’s just my prediction.

Thanks to Hannah for her time. You can find out more about Quantum here or connect with her on Instagram or Twitter.

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Q&A Session with Author Hannah Godard

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